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Atarax is an antianxiety medication prescribed to treat anxiety and tension that may be associated with psychoneurosis. It is not one of the more commonly used anxiety drugs. Depending on how much a person weighs and the severity of the anxiety they are dealing with, the dosage can go up to 100mg. Atarax tablets come in a couple of sizes to make dosing easier. Atarax side effects are not commonly felt and usually last only during the adjustment time when the person first begins to take it. Side effects include dry mouth and drowsiness. When driving and doing other tasks that require alertness, caution is advised.

Atarax is not a commonly prescribed drug but should be readily available at most pharmacies, whether you buy atarax online or somewhere close to home. If you are not sure where to buy atarax, ask your physician about a source for your medication. It might be possible to buy generic atarax or buy cheap atarax, but until you know how the medication affects you it might be wise to begin with the name brand product. If you do decide to order atarax from an online source, make sure it is a reliable supplier with a good business reputation. When ordering atarax, you might also inquire about discount atarax, as some pharmacies offer a discount when you purchase three months or more of a medication at one time. This might be an easy way to save money while knowing that the medication you get is a reliable drug.

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