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Estradiol medication used to reduce moderate to severe menopausal symptoms, to treat vulval and vaginal atrophy, treat certain cancers in special situations and prevent the thinning of bones.

Generic Estradiol name: Estrace.

Normal dose of estradiol is 1mg or 2mg tablet daily.

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Estradiol 1mg / 2mg tablets

Estradiol medication is a prescription estrogen given to patients to treat a variety of conditions. These include symptoms of menopause and certain types of cancers. Dosage will be based on individual need, and continued use of estradiol should be evaluated by a physician every six months to see if it is safe to continue or if dosage should be adjusted. Certain individuals should not take estradiol, especially women who are pregnant or who are trying to become pregnant. Estradiol side effects include nausea, vomiting, breast swelling and tenderness, darkening of the skin, and headaches.

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If you are not sure where to buy estradiol valerate, ask the doctor who prescribed it. If you choose to buy estradiol online, make sure that you purchase estradiol from a source that you are comfortable with and that has a good customer satisfaction history. It may be possible to buy cheap estradiol or buy generic estradiol either online or at your local pharmacy; ask when you take your prescirption to be filled about money saving options such as generics that may be available to you. Some online pharmacies offer discount estradiol when a customer purchases several months' supply at one time. Most patients who are taking estradiol need to be taking it for at least several months to get the full benefit of the medication. If someone orders their initial supply from a local pharmacy then finds a great money saving deal elsewhere, there is no problem with buying a large supply or changing pharmacies so long as the medication can be continued without interruption. Order estradiol from a reliable source though, and make sure that you are getting the proper medication each time for best treatment results.

Estradiol Valerate is used in hormone replacement therapy. It may be prescribed to treat menopause symptoms and is used in women who have had a hysterectomy.

Menopause - the period during which a woman's menstrual cycle ceases, normally occurring at an age of 45 to 50.

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