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Kenalog is a prescription medication used to help treat mouth ulcers. Applied directly to the affected area, just enough of it should be used to apply a thin area to the ulcer. Bedtime is probably the best time to apply kenalog, as one should refrain from eating and drinking for a while after the medication has been applied. Kenalog can be used one to four times per day to help healing. Kenalog side effects tend to occur only after prolonged use of the product where mass absorption into the body has occurred. Side effects tend to be more common in children or those who use kenalog under false teeth plates in their mouth. If you notice irritation or any side effects that you think may be associated with kenalog, discontinue use and call your doctor. Kenalog should not be used by pregnant women. Kenalog should only be used for a period of up to five days; anything beyond that one should be seeing a doctor or dentist about their mouth ulcers.

It might be possible to buy kenalog online and save money. Unless you frequently purchase kenalog, though, most likely the need for the medication is immediate and should be purchased at a location nearby. It might be possible for someone who knows they will be using kenalog frequently (like a denture wearer) to buy kenalog online at a discount and save some money. Buying generic kenalog is another money-saving option, if and when available. When buying generics it is always a smart idea to compare ingredients and ingredient amounts; otherwise, cheap kenalog might not be such a bargain. If you are not sure where to buy kenalog, ask the dentist or doctor that prescribed it for you.

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