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Lamisil is a prescription treatment meant for the treatment of toenail or fingernail disfigurement due to dermatophytes. Taken orally, lamisil tablets work from the inside of the body to help make nails clearer and more natural looking. It accomplishes this goal by killing the fungus. Lamisil treatment takes approximately six weeks for fingernails and twelve weeks for toenails, and the whole course of therapy prescribed should be completed. Once lamisil begins to work, and clearer nails begin to grow in, continued treatment for a short time afterwards helps to make sure the infection is less likely to return. Lamisil side effects include an allergic reaction, a rash, vision changes, or blood problems as indicated by blood tests. Lamisil has, in rare instances, caused severe liver damage and death. If you think you are experiencing symptoms related to liver problems, like itching, yellow eyes and skin, nausea, vomiting, strange-colored stools, fatigue, and abdominal pain, then discontinue lamisil and contact your doctor immediately.

When you buy lamisil, you should plan on needing at least a few months' supply to completely treat your nail infection. You might inquire of the prescribing doctor the expected length of treatment, and perhaps buy several months' supply at once. It is possible to get discount lamisil from many pharmacies this way, so why not save the money? It is possible to order lamisil online and save money this way also. If you opt to buy generic lamisil or buy cheap lamisil, compare ingredients with the name brand drug and make sure the products are comparable for best results. If you are not sure where to buy lamisil, ask your doctor.

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