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Levitra is a medication used to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have a more normal and fulfilling sex life. Levitra tablets are taken a maximum of once per day. It is one of the newer (and more expensive) medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction available to men. It is possible to order levitra and save money if one takes the time to find a good deal.

Levitra treats erectile dysfunction, but not without the accompaniment of side effects and certain health risks. Levitra side effects include headaches, flushing, sinus problems, vision changes, difficulty distinguishing colors, and in some unusual cases it is possible to experience a prolonged erection lasting longer than four hours, also known as priapism. If this side effect occurs or any others that are particularly troublesome, please consult a physician or emergency medical help immediately. Taken properly and not overused, most men experience few if any side effects as a consequence of using levitra.

It is possible to buy discount levitra from a pharmacy. Many pharmacies will offer a discount to those who are purchasing several months' supply at one time since they will be paying out so much money. Unfortunately, levitra is not always covered by insurance companies and the cost of therapy with this drug can be quite high if a consumer has to pay out-of pocket 100% for the drug. It is possible to buy levitra online and save money, as some online suppliers have lower operating costs and can pass this on to their customers in the form of monetary savings. A word of caution about buying cheap levitra: make sure that the drug you are paying for is what you are getting, as restrictions for online sales are not as supervised as they are for land-based pharmacies. If a consumer is not careful it is easy to be frauded.

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