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Lexapro tablets are used to treat those suffering from depression. Also approved for use as treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, lexapro is classified as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Taken orally as either lexapro pills or liquid, treatment consists of being taken once daily. It might take a few weeks to begin to feel the full effects of the medication, and it is important that a patient continue to take lexapro even if they start feeling better. Lexapro is very similar to another antidepressant medication currently on the market, celexa. However, lexapro and celexa should not be combined.

Lexapro can be costly. The choice to buy lexapro online, buy generic lexapro, or buy cheap lexapro alternatives can be tempting. Until effectiveness of the drug has been established, it is not wise to buy lexapro from a source a patient does not know. Discount lexapro can be sought after the treatment has been determined to be effective and a physician says this is a reasonable idea. It is possible to buy lexapro online from a land-based pharmacy that is reliable and save money just because it is an online purchase, so keep that idea in mind. Lexapro online in advertisements does not always have the same ingredients and may be less effective or dangerous, so a consumer needs to be careful and thorough before purchasing.

Lexapro side effects are similar to that of celexa. Anyone who suffers from liver disease, kidney disease, seizures, suicidal thoughts, or mania might not be able to use lexapro because of possible adverse effects. Lexapro side effects include blood pressure problems, flu-like symptoms, headache, sleep problems, decreased sex drive, and weight changes. A doctor should be carefully monitoring a patient throughout therapy and while most side effects will go away during treatment, a doctor should be mindful of sudden changes or persistent problems in the patient.

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