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Naprosyn is a prescription strength pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medication. It is indicated for relief of mild to moderate pain, arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis. Naprosyn pills are commonly prescribed but the medication is also available as a liquid. Naprosyn tablets come as both a regular and extended-release pill. Naprosyn may cause an upset stomach and can be taken with food or milk to prevent upset stomach. Naprosyn side effects include muscle cramps, numbness, tingling, sores in the mouth, heartburn, indigestion, fatigue, dry mouth, fluid retention, yellowing of the skin or eyes, vomiting, or black stools. If you begin to notice severe side effects, have seizures, or think you are having an allergic reaction, stop using naprosyn and notify your doctor immediately.

You should be able to buy naprosyn at any pharmacy with a valid prescription, as it is commonly used for a variety of ailments. If you are not sure about where to buy naprosyn, ask the doctor who prescribed it to recommend a good pharmacy to purchase it from. It can save money if you buy generic naprosyn or buy cheap naprosyn; ask the pharmacist about availability of these products as an alternative to the name brand product. Compare ingredients between both products and they should be similar for good value. Most users of naprosyn who use it for pain do not plan on using it for a long time, but those who will be using it as treatment for arthritis may choose to purchase discount naprosyn in a several months' supply at one time to save money also. If you buy naprosyn online, try to order it so that you receive your medication promptly and are not temporarily out of medication.

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