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Norvasc is used for patients who have had heart related health issues. Norvasc belongs to a drug class called calcium channel blockers. It works by widening the blood vessels, making it easier for the heart to pump blood and thereby reducing its workload. Norvasc is most commonly prescribed for patients who have high blood pressure or chest pain, but can also be used for other reasons as determined by a physician. Norvasc tablets are taken once a day and are the only available form of the medication. A healthy diet, exercise, and other life changes might be necessary in conjunction to therapy with norvasc; your physician will provide more details if such changes are needed. There are norvasc side effects a patient should be aware of and expect, including chest pain, dizziness, psychosis, changes in heartbeat, and swelling. If you experience any unusual symptoms or think you are having an allergic reaction inform your physician immediately. Not everyone can take norvasc, and patients with low blood pressure, liver failure, heart failure, or coronary artery disease need to make sure they notify their doctor of these conditions prior to taking norvasc.

It is possible to buy norvasc online, and a patient might be able to obtain cheap norvasc this way and save some money. Medications should always be ordered from a trusted source, and the decision to buy cheap norvasc is not such a great deal if it is not the peoper medication. If you are not sure where to buy norvasc, ask your physician. They might know how to obtain discount norvasc from a relaible source or know of an offer that can save money and make treatment more affordable.

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