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Propecia is a prescription for treating male pattern baldness. Propecia does not work on all types of baldness, just the types that occur on the top of the head and the middle front areas. Propecia has not been determined to work on the temples or other areas of the head. Propecia is not intended for use by children or women. Propecia tablets are the standard method of using this drug, and they are typically taken once daily as outlined by a physician. Propecia should not be stopped until a physician okays discontinuation of the drug. Propecia side effects include decreased sex drive, impotence, decreased ejaculation, and breast tenderness or swelling. Other side effects, including an allergic reaction, are possible. Propecia is not for use by people who have a compromised liver. Women, especially pregnant women, should avoid handling the medication whenever possible as it can harm an unborn baby.

It is possible to buy propecia online or at a land based pharmacy. If you are not sure where to buy propecia, ask your physician to recommend a source. It might be possible to save money and purchase discount propecia when it is ordered in a several months' supply at one time, or when ordering propecia online. Cheap propecia alternatives include over the counter products such as rogaine, but these might not be as effective in treating baldness if they help at all. Not all hair restorative products work for some men. One might wait to buy cheap propecia or a large supply until they know their doctor will be treating them for several months or that propecia works as well as the physician and patient desires. It is important that when a patient is using propecia for an extended length of time that they obtain refills well in advance of running out.

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