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Remeron is a prescription drug indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Remeron tablets are available in a dissolvable pill or a regular pill. Regardless of which form is prescribed, remeron helps to ease the symptoms created by depression including loss of interest, sadness, guilt, sleep problems, and thoughts of suicide. Remeron is different in how it works on the brain as compared to other medications currently in use to treat depression.

Remeron starts out in a low dose of 15mg and can be increased by the physician depending on the response of the patient to treatment. Depending on the patient,a large dose may be necessary and this can become costly. Once remeron treatment has been determined to be the best treatment, a patient may want to buy remeron in large amounts and save money. The decision to buy remeron online, buy generic remeron, or buy discount remeron should be carefully considered and more than just monetary savings focused on. Some businesses that offer cheap remeron may not have the genuine product, and this could be detrimental to the patient who may not be receiving their therapy properly as a result. Remeron is usually reserved for people suffering from severe depression and any alteration in their treatment could result in disaster. A patient should not buy cheap remeron or order remeron from an unknown source unless they feel completely confident in the company and the products they offer.

Remeron side effects can be moderate, with common symptoms including dizziness, tremors, mild flulike symptoms, and sleep and weight changes. A physician should be carefully monitoring any patient that they prescribe remeron to, simply because of the severity of the problems that caused it to be prescribed in the first place. But the doctor needs to be aware of all side effects as there is the potential for the development of serious problems. Remeron cannot be used by all patients.

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