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Renova is a medication prescribed to treat various skin conditions. These conditions include wrinkles, stretch markets, brown spots, skin roughness, and acne. Renova binds to areas of a skin cell and changes the way cells create new skin. New skin production increases, and collagen in the area that has been treated increases also. Renova is a topical medication applied once daily directly to the area that is affected. It should be applied with a cotton swab, tissue, or other applicator and hands should be washed immediately after using the medication. Sensitive skin can become irritated by renova and some areas of the body should be avoided. It may take up to six weeks to begin to see results from renova, and skin conditions often worsen in the period of initial treatment. Renova side effects include itchy skin, skin peeling, sensitivity to sunlight, sensitivity to cold, and increased skin irritation. Avoid sunlight and use mild cleaners on skin that is being treated.

When you buy renova, it might be costly. Most topical skin treatments are expensive, and sometimes insurance will only cover part if any of the cost. Ask your doctor if you might be using renova for an extended length of time, and consider buying discount renova. Often discount renova can be found at any pharmacy, as some pharmacies will offer a discount if you buy a few months' supply of a medication at once. It is possible to buy renova online from a pharmacy and simply get a bargain. You might also consider trying to buy cheap renova or buy generic renova, but be sure to know the ingredients and compare both. If you are not sure where to buy renova, ask your doctor to recommend a reliable pharmacy.

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