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Seasonale is a medication prescribed to prevent pregnancy. This contraceptive product does not prevent against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV or herpes, and a patient taking seasonale should be aware of this. Seasonale pills come in a pack lasting for four weeks. Each day at the same time a pills hould be taken with no pills forgotten. If pills are skipped or forgotten, this decreases the effectiveness of seasonale and can increase the chances of becoming pregnant. Each pack of pills should have instructions accompanying them on how to take pills properly and what to do if any are missed. If you are still not sure, call the prescribing physician and ask what to do. Seasonale side effects include increased blood pressure, darkening of the skin, nausea, vomiting, appetite changes, weight changes, headache, nervousness, rash, hair loss, and vaginal discomfort. If they continue and are bothersome, let your doctor know and either recommended ways to relieve the treatment or medication changes may be necessary.

It may be possible to buy seasonale online and save money. Once it has been determined that seasonale is a viable option for pregnancy prevention, buying seasonale online and buying several months' supply at once may make it a more affordable birth control option. Some generic versions of birth control are available but it might not be possible to buy generic seasonale. At best, some pharmacies offer discount seasonale when you order a large quantity. If you are not sure where to buy seasonale, ask the doctor who wrote the prescription.

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