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Yasmin is a newer birth control pill used to prevent pregnancy in females of child-bearing age. Yasmin is not like other types of birth control pills as it contains a progestin hormone called drospirenone. Like other oral contraceptives, yasmin does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and is for the prevention of pregnancy only. Yasmin pills come in a set of twenty-eight pills, with the last seven pills of the pack being inactive to allow for the regulation of the menstrual cycle. Yasmin side effects include vaginal bleeding, headaches, appetite or weight changes, fluid retention, and elevated blood pressure. There should be instructions enclosed with each pack of pills you receive telling how to use them and what to do if pills are missed. When in doubt, call and ask your pharmacist or physician about what to do and how to properly take your pills to prevent pregnancy.

The decision to buy yasmin is a big one, as it is one of the more expensive forms of birth control currently on the market. It might be possible to buy cheap yasmin online from someone offering a discount when purchasing multiple packs at once. If you order yasmin in a three months' supply or more some land pharmacies will also offer a discount price. It is not possible to buy generic yasmin at this time, as it is relatively new and protected by manufacturer patent rights. If you are not sure where to buy yasmin, ask your doctor to recommend a reliable pharmacy or supplier to order yasmin from. Yasmin must be taken properly and without interruption to be effective at preventing pregnancy.

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