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Zovirax is a prescription medication used in the treatment of herpes infections. Zovirax is usually described in topical form to apply to areas tha suffer from chickenpox blisters, shingles, cold sores, or genital lesions. Zovirax pills do exist but they are not commonly prescribed because of the potential for adverse effects. Topical zovirax is prescribed to help promote healing and to decrease pain and itching, and it does not help to prevent the recurrence of sores. Zovirax tablets can help with the recurrence of sores but does not help healing so much and can cause other problems. Zovirax side effects are not profound with the topical ointment but can include itching, burning, stinging, or a rash and they should all go away after a short time. Zovirax should be used for the time period indicated by your physician and not stopped early.

If you go to buy zovirax, it should be available at a regular pharmacy or you should be able to buy zovirax online. Make sure that if you are prescribed the pills or the ointment, that that is what you receive and that there is no confusion over which form of th drug you will be using. It may be possible to buy cheap zovirax or find discount zovirax online. The only problem is that often when this medication is prescribed treatment needs to begin immediately, so waiting for an online pharmacy to deliver cheap zovirax to your home may not be an option. If you are not sure where to buy zovirax, ask your doctor.

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