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Zyban is another name for the prescription drug wellbutrin. Zyban is targeted specifically to helping cigarette smokers cease smoking. Zyban pills are taken twice daily for a length of time as determined by a physician and is usually accompanied by a set plan to quit smoking. Zyban can help a smoker quit smoking but they must also be dedicated to the goal and realize that they have a lot of work ahead of them. A zyban prescription is not the complete pass to a nonsmoking lifestyle. Zyban side effects include difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure, dry mouth, shakiness, and skin rash. Keep in contact with your doctor during treatment with zyban and inform them of any side effects you may be experiencing in association with zyban treatment. Zyban used with other smoking cessation products can be harmful to health, as using zyban in conjunction with nicotine patches can cause an unsafe elevated blood pressure.

When you buy zyban, it might be difficult to anticipate how long you will be needing the medicine. It might be foolish to purchase a large amount of zyban online from a pharmacy and only have to take the medication for a few weeks. Generic zyban is not an option as right now the medication is protected by patent and not readily available. Order zyban from a reputable pharmacy and as needed, as hopefully the frequent sight of a near-empty bottle of zyban will push smokers closer to quitting and help them be successful. Zyban should be readily available from any pharmacy, and if you are not sure where to buy zyban then ask the prescribing physician to recommend a reliable pharmacy or online source.

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